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Complete Currency Trader by James Edward

Product Name      : Complete Currency Trader

Creator                     : James Edward

Product Type         : Currency Trading Program

Niche                        : Internet Business & Marketing

Special Discount : 10% ( Up to $ 1000 )

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Availability              : From April 17 2017



The Complete Currency Trader team helps you to become a professional trader by creating a win-win situation. You can maximize your revenue using it. This ultimate all-in-one package of Complete Currency Trader is a home study program and it enables you to become invariably profitable.

The Complete Currency Trader course has gained global recognition for uncompromising excellence. This is a matchless resource comprising of advanced Forex education. Also, it has proprietary market analysis software and a professional speculative trading system. All of these finally help users to become a successful trader.

This course brings trading breakthroughs in a profession, consuming very less time and effort.

You will have everything  you need to achieve the goal of full-time profitable trading at your fingertips. It includes state of the art tools, bespoke indicators, comprehensive system rules and in-depth training from a renowned authority in currency speculation. Thereby, advancing their abilities and becoming one of the top 1% of elite traders who can make money consistently and reliably.

For those who aren’t ready for the home study course (or who can’t afford $10,000-$14,000 investment) the team offers their Elite Insider’s Club membership which is highly considered in the industry. This provides on-going education and recurring monthly income for you.

It is a well-oiled machine that provides consistent results, since its marketing & sales funnel has been tested and modified by some of the best conversion optimization specialists in the world.

Complete Currency Trader team simply has their numbers nailed down and proven. It is just like an ATM machine spitting out cash anytime you want.


Foreign Currency Trader

Complete Currency Trader Review – Program Content

Complete Currency Trader is the best Forex trading program. It is an incredible training program and it provides even down from the very basic level. You will be getting the following step by step training while purchasing this fantastic product.

  1. Forex education webinar : It teaches you how to connect very minor changes that can bring major differences in the trading results
  2. Introduction course– It’s a very comprehensive course. You can find the list of course lessons which can be followed one by one each day.
  3. Advanced training webinar : It gives a lot more to learn than in the previous steps. Also provides more education so that they can become  more successful in Forex trading.
  4. Gets an opportunity to proceed to the training section. Traders who are skilled and want to learn can continue to the rest of the training course. That’s what their membership typically look like.
  5. Over the next couple of days ,they offer an opportunity to attain the Elite insider club forum. It is an opportunity for traders to get additional training videos, new information and also lot of discussion around the trainees. You can also interact with James Edward and with other traders. More over, you can build knowledge apart from trade.
  6. Advanced Home Study Training Course– It offers incredible education and builds trust too.


Complete Currency Trader Tools and Features

Complete Currency Trader has a wide range of tools and features which help you to become more successful in Forex trading.

Currency Strength Indicator. You can measure individual currency strength and weakness using this tool. It plots the relative strength of 28 different currency pairs in the Forex market after analyzing them, so that you can plot which ones are strong and which ones are weak. You  can learn from the course how to use the currency strength indicator for improving your trading.

Compounding Calculator. You can know how much an account can develop when profits are reinvested and compounded. This tool takes into account that you will withdraw some profits as income and shows you the growth in your account,

PIP Value Calculator. This shows you exactly how much each PIP (the smallest price change that a given exchange rate can make) is worth in your own account denominated currency. Thereby, you come to know how long you may need to continue in that trade and also you can determine the profitability of a given trade.

Streak Probability Calculator. This shows you the possibilities of a losing streak happened over a number of trades.

Draw down Calculator. This calculator will indicate how much you are going to lose after experiencing a certain number of losing trades. It is based on a fixed percentage risk for trade.  This tool will help you to evaluate potential risk of your Forex trades, which you should know even before placing them.

Position Size Calculator. This calculator helps you to determine the amount that you should trade in order to be within the safe limits. In short, it enables you to answer the question how much should I buy or sell?


CCT Price Structure

  • Introduction Course : $ 99.99
  • Elite Insider’s Club – Annual : $ 696.00 / Elite Insider’s Club – Monthly Subscription : $147.00/ Month
  • Alexei Janssen’s Trading Minds Course : $ 3,497.00
  • Course Application Deposit : $ 500.00
  • Complete Currency Trader Course : $9,497.00

** Special discount up to $1000 will be available. Please go to the discount page to get more info.

Founder & CEO : James Edward

James Edward CCT

James Edward is a Forex trader and well-respected hedge fund manager & educator for over a decade with an intention to empower other aspiring traders to finally become consistent and successful in their pursuits.

James is a contrarian who creates his own path to success. He always chose the less traveled path and bypass the 99% people who makes mistakes. Thus he mark his success in his own way.

As a result of his dream James established Complete Currency Trader in 2012 to provide Elite training to traders who likes to be success along his path. His vast knowledge in the industry, dedication and hard work is well known. He is one of the most trustworthy and in demand authorities in the Forex trading industry

Complete Currency Trader Team

James Edward and the team has been in the Forex market for a long time. They knows first-hand how many scams and unreliable companies are out there. James Edward and Complete Currency Trader have one of the best reputations in the industry. Please check out the most popular third party verification and review site Forex Peace Army. They have over 90 reviews and overall rating is over 4.5.

Complete Currency Trader Rating

The Home Study Course is sold for $14,000. To sell a course at that price point in the first place and to have this outpouring of positive feedback from it, you have to be pretty unique in the Forex industry.

Let’s see what current members says about Complete Currency Trader.

Complete Currency Trader Review